Talent Development
Value creation oriented to stimulate organisational vitality and realise personal values
Career Development System Talent Training
We provide support and platforms for the growth of our employees, and have built multiple career development channels for management (M), professional (P), and craftsmen (T). Through the regular annual grade promotion review mechanism, we provide a broader development space for those who are brave enough to challenge themselves and have a comprehensive development.
Crystal Business School
The Crystal Business School was established on August 2, 2017, adhering to the mission of "providing timely, accurate and effective services for the cultural inheritance, strategic implementation, and business growth of crystals" and the teaching philosophy of "integrating knowledge and action, and integrating training and battle". The School of Business is supported by the School of Leadership and the School of Engineering, and focuses on the "Crystal" series of talent development projects to create a knowledge platform, learning platform, and service platform covering the entire crystal domain, and to create a learning ecosystem, Gathering growth forces to provide sufficient endogenous talent support for the company's development.
  • Mission
    Instant, precise, and effective services for the company's cultural heritage, strategic implementation, and business growth
  • Positioning
    Establish a talent development mechanism, build a talent emergence organization, and stimulate organizational culture temperature
  • Idea
    Integration of knowledge and action, training and combat
  • Establishment time
    August 2, 2017
Leadership Academy
  • Leadership Academy

    Cognitive upgrading;

    Improving management skills;

    Leadership building.

  • School of Engineering: Cultivating Professional Talents

    The cradle of extracting and inheriting technical knowledge

    An incubator for rapidly cultivating engineers

    The inheritor of engineering culture.

Talent Recruitment
Talent Recruitment
  • A comprehensive research and development system
  • A comprehensive career promotion channel
  • A good working environment
  • A sound medium and long-term incentive system
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